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Through daily Bible classes the men are taught how to apply scriptural principles to help them overcome some of the issues that they struggled with in their past and will challenge them in the future.

Some of the areas we focus on are how to deal with temptations, anger, failure, personal relationships, finances, goal setting, and other life skills.

Our curriculum is The Bible and other Bible based material.



The men are taught to discuss their problems rather than bottling them up and expressing them in ways that were a detriment and danger to them in the past.  We use biblical truth to find answers to everyday problems and situations. When professional help is needed, we refer the men to the appropriate facilities.

The anticipated outcome will be Christian men who are renewed in mind, body, and soul, and who will be empowered to return to society to become responsible productive citizens, devoted husbands, family men, and committed friends.



Our facility is located on a beautiful 9 acre farm in Loysville, Pennsylvania.  There is always plenty of work to keep the men busy while teaching them good work ethics, work skills, and love and respect for one's home and property.

Our busy work schedule helps the men to learn time management skills and to appreciate their free time.

When night time comes, the men are grateful!



Throughout the week the men are required to attend church services.  Here they hear inspiring preaching and biblical truth, worship with others, and learn the importance of good fellowship and how to manage their weekly schedules.

Sonshine Ministries is recovery ministry focused on social and spiritual rehabilitation. We are  trying to help the men learn how to thrive in a spiritual, social, economical, psychological and philosophical environment.

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