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Sonshine Ministries is a comprehensive discipleship, renewal, and development ministry for motivated men whose lives have been destroyed by addiction, sin, bad choices, and other life controlling issues.


So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
John 8:36



This Is Us!


Sonshine Ministries is a faith-based ministry who's education, philosophies, and material are all based on biblical principles.  We practice Christian ethics and offers biblical solutions to life influencing problems.  Our policies and procedures are designed to disciple men into a life-changing, sustainable relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our current facility is a 9-acre farm located in Loysville, Pennsylvania in rural Perry County about 25 miles west of Harrisburg. At this location, we are equipped to house, educate and serve 12-14 students. Our program which is 1-year in duration consists of three phases, each completed within   3-4 months. Each student is given the opportunity to regain his dignity, education and the practice of life skills through our hands-on class and counseling sessions.


The projected outcome will be to produce healthy, sober and vigilant Christian men with a newly developed mind, body, and soul. We are confident that upon graduation, God has allowed us to help produce a revived, equipped and empowered NEW Man!  Who are prepared to return to society and be a productive citizen, devoted husband, and committed friend and neighbor. All this happening by simply introducing each man to the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ that is shown in our community.  

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